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I took my rainbow vacuum cleaner apart to clean, now I cannot get the top back on?

Written by Steph on December 31, 2008 – 6:26 am -

This is the upper part of the same empty inside where the plug is for powerhead. The electrical connections seem to hold the top by adapting closely together so that I can put the screws inside, I know it is something simple, I just wanted to clean it.  Read More →

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Anybody used rainbow vacuum before?

Written by Steph on December 24, 2008 – 5:23 am -

I just saw a demonstration by a committed dell'arcobaleno. He has seen how the vacuum really has ****** out the dust, the dustmites and even small blatte from my mattress and sofa. The vacuum can even pass the wiping clean your aircon so. The salesman told me that the machine is the fifth edition dell'arcobaleno which is released in October 2006.  Read More →

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Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Parts – Is this a good place to buy?

Written by Steph on December 22, 2008 – 5:55 am -

Anyone who has bought shares dell'aspirapolvere dell'arcobaleno experience from this company? http://vacuumpartsmall.com —  Read More →

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Do you think that putting a small amount of vinegar in the water basin of a Rainbow vacuum cleaner is ok?

Written by Steph on December 17, 2008 – 7:17 am -

I think we can escape the smell dirty and possibly follow the smell substances too. DanneggierĂ  the vacuum cleaner?  Read More →

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Does the Rainbow Vacuum really work for the price?

Written by Steph on December 16, 2008 – 9:52 am -

We had a demonstration today and really Gradica and seems really nice but? it really worth the price?  Read More →

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What can I expect from a Rainbow vacuum demonstration?

Written by Steph on December 15, 2008 – 4:56 am -

Our friends are begging us to let them make a demonstration dell'arcobaleno and we 're just asking what to predict. They also promised an "apparently insulting; gift" for us who look just. ? this real or? l? a certain kind of stopped it? I know it 'll be on is boring and we have no intention of purchase price of  Read More →

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Which water filtration vacuum is the most effective subtitute to Rainbow?

Written by Steph on December 13, 2008 – 12:32 pm -

They are sold on the water filtration system for empty. I do not want to ever air? moved around especially now that my son? been diagnosed with asthma. However, the rainbow? too expensive! What? are on the look out for the alternative pi? effective. Here are the 3 main components: Shark CW240-$ 141.51 at Amazon and other Web site. Reviews not bad, but no HEPA filter. But still, my priority? ? who works at a water filtration system. $ 299 vacuum filtration of water for hydro Frontgate, has a HEPA filter and most, but only available at their Web site. No review available, but the product sounds good. I Thanes H20 Vac-$ 199, has HEPA filter for added amt of money cos? like other parts of a critical vacuum (suction head for the slots)! I don... more

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Which is a better vacuum, A rainbow or a Dyson?

Written by Steph on December 7, 2008 – 5:46 pm -

I currently have a rainbow and its great but I was thinking to get another because my rainbow has been used to begin with and didn 't the door connecting the carpet. So the little hard to clean the carpet, but the best invention for ceramic tiles. Better! Suggestions?  Read More →

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Water filtration vacuum compared to the Rainbow vacuum system?

Written by Steph on December 7, 2008 – 8:35 am -

During the first hours of the morning I watched an infomercial for a "filtration" of water; vacuum that compared to vacuum dell'arcobaleno. This infomercial offered the buyer 2 of their empty VERY pi? less dell'arcobaleno system. The announcement has continued to show all features and benefits including the capacity? a refrigerator to keep 100% above the ground while signing it. Gradica my Hoover but my partner runs a housecleaning trade and swears by his rainbow. I 'd Gradica know the name and contact information for the aforementioned product of infomercial. Thank you!  Read More →

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Where can I get Rainbow Vacuum cleaner in Malaysia?

Written by Steph on December 6, 2008 – 3:36 am -

Hello all, My friend intrested in getting a vacuum cleaner dell'arcobaleno but does not know where to find them. Anyone who knows about? me and my friend in tension in Bandar Utama  Read More →

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