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what is better vacuum?

Written by Steph on November 30, 2009 – 9:39 am -

what? vacuum better rainbows or Kirby?  Read More →

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Rainbow Vaccum Cleaners?

Written by Steph on November 20, 2009 – 7:20 am -

I 'm. thinking to buy a vacuum cleaner of the rainbow. One of my friends got involved in selling them, so I left to make a demonstration to my house for my husband and I. We are very interested in the purchase of this machine, but it cost $ 2500. These are worth a lot of money? I want to make sure before they spend a lot of money on a vacuum cleaner.  Read More →

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rainbow vacuum system fragrances?

Written by Steph on November 6, 2009 – 2:01 am -

pi? we do not have a vacuum system the rainbow but I still have some of the fragrances that we used it, I can use a humidifier in the normal pattern of the floor? has anyone else done this? thanks  Read More →

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vacuums & carpet cleaners – rainbow, hoover or h2o vac?

Written by Steph on November 5, 2009 – 8:24 am -

I am wanting a cleaner that does it all. I remember a rainbow that I have used someone who has been the VCA who extracted water while vacuuming that I would have. however, i don 't know what kind it was? makes all the rainbow vä?ší do that? I was thinking to buy h2o VAC, and then I read them many bad things about. have one, what are your experience? it does' the NT should be a rainbow, but I want something that can water VAC operation and at the same time. so that would cost less than a rainbow. the green machine is that? also, if you have a hoover z-bend, how good / bad is it?  Read More →

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