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Is there a more affordable brand of steam vacuum cleaner?

Written by Steph on May 7, 2010 – 1:14 am -

The rainbow is too expensive. A price which is the medium-term  Read More →

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I need help finding a site can you help?

Written by Steph on February 22, 2010 – 2:12 pm -

I have a vacuum range of E-2 of the rainbow. And I need some but I find the chamfer. Can you help?  Read More →

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Rainbow Vaccum Cleaners?

Written by Steph on November 20, 2009 – 7:20 am -

I 'm. thinking to buy a vacuum cleaner of the rainbow. One of my friends got involved in selling them, so I left to make a demonstration to my house for my husband and I. We are very interested in the purchase of this machine, but it cost $ 2500. These are worth a lot of money? I want to make sure before they spend a lot of money on a vacuum cleaner.  Read More →

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How can I use my Rainbow vacuum cleaner in Europe?

Written by Steph on February 21, 2009 – 10:26 am -

Someone wants to buy my rainbow for a friend in Europe but they 're not sure whether the machine functions in Europe? What should I do to secure assicurarselo work, are there some kind of adapter that would be needed?  Read More →

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How much should I have paid for a Rainbow Vacuum?

Written by Steph on January 22, 2009 – 6:17 pm -

I was sold a vacuum cleaner dell'arcobaleno WITH thing to the table of the air purifier, 3 oils, connecting pass the rags, connecting carpet cleaning, vacuuming real connection, a hose separated, a shampoo and paid $ 2400 for it all. I 'm the Secure asking someone without knowledge dell'arcobaleno say that I ripped off gain, but was anyone experienced with the system that could give me an honest answer?  Read More →

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Employment for Rainbow Vacuum?

Written by Steph on January 21, 2009 – 7:07 pm -

Has anyone or anyone working for the company dell'aspirapolvere dell'arcobaleno? If so,? l worthy work?. It would be a good part-time? Im just looking to make a little extra money? What? as the experience? Please forniscami details?  Read More →

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